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Dan Ocelott

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Mensagem por Dan Ocelott em 7/11/2008, 09:55

FPS Creator Downloads
If you're looking for the free 30-day trial version, then go here!

FPS Creator Upgrade 1.13
The latest upgrade for FPS Creator is now available.

Download the upgrade (22.1 MB)

Changes include:

Fixed bug in LOAD GAME position causing larger entity levels to crash
Updated Game Creator Store to allow writes into the languagebank folder (entity LOC files)
Updated FASTBONE.FX to support 60 bones (maximum for vertex shader)
Also updated FPSC-GAME.EXE to restrict bones submitted to shaders to 60
Note that models using more than 60 bones per mesh will not work!
Fixed bug in muzzle flash code caused by typing out an incorrect variable name during copy/paste from AIRSLIDE's mod Smile
Fixed bug causing GLOBAL variables to be wiped out when saved level was reloaded
Added LOCAL VALUES from FPI scripting to SAVE/LOAD game position feature
Courtesy of Airslide, a number of small feature additions:
Added FIRERATE to the GUNSPEC.TXT parser, and reflected rate of fire in how the gun fires when set to a value other than 12 (FIRERATE=12)
Added SHOTGUN to the GUNSPEC.TXT parser, and reflected shot gun style reloading to flagged weapons (SHOTGUN=1)
Amended GUNSPEC for MOSSBERG and UZI to reflect above additions (shotgun reloads correctly and uzi fires quicker)
Updated the GameCreatorStore DLL to solve the problem editing previews in Store Seller Mode
Separated Game Creator Store from main FPSC interface (to allow store to be updated independently of editor code)
Added PLRSETHEALTH and PLRSUBHEALTH to set the players health, and to subtract from the players health value
Added ADDHEALTH, SUBHEALTH and SETHEALTH to set, increase and decrease the entities health value
Added new HEALTHPRISON.FPI script to show use of above entity health command
To ensure a smooth upgrade process, follow these guidelines:

Uninstall any update you may be running on your system
Download and install the new 1.13 update
If the update fails to detect your FPSC installation, backup your files and re-install FPS Creator, then apply the 1.13 update
Note: If you have model packs 3 and / or 5, we also advise you uninstall these are re-download new versions of them from your Order History. The original packs included FPS system files inside them and these are now old and redundant. You can identify the new versions of the Model Packs because when you download them they'll have _07 on the filename, for example: FPSCreatorModelPack2_07.zip

Download the upgrade (22.1 MB)

If you encounter any problems with the latest version you can always revert to a previous upgrade:

Download upgrade 1.12

Download upgrade 1.09

Download upgrade 1.08

Download upgrade 1.07

Download upgrade 1.06

Download upgrade 1.04

FPS Creator Game Source Code
Here is the latest version of the FPS Creator Game Source Code + all required DLLs to get it compiling. You will need to own DarkBASIC Professional Version 6.6 to compile the code. You will also need the 6.6 Extras archive, which you can download from the same page. Make absolutely sure you have DirectX 9.0c FEB 2006 edition (or later) installed. Upgrade DBPro to 6.6. Then unzip the Extras file into your DBPro folder. This will install various new DLLs including a special version of the Expansion Pack specifically for FPSC. Inside the Projects folder you will find the FPSC Game source code.

FPS Creator Entity Maker
This is the complete Entity Maker utility used to create all of the entities in the full version of FPS Creator. With it you can make your own entity files. Also included in the archive is 20 minutes worth of video tutorials on how to use the Entity Maker. The videos are in Windows WMV format, so use Media Player to view them.

Download: http://files2.thegamecreators.com/fpscreator/fpsc_entity_maker.zip — 22.3 MB

Character Studio Files
Here is the Character Studio BIP file for FPS Creator. This contains all of the animation data for FPS Creator characters and a FIG file for setting up the skeleton. You need Character Studio in order to use these files, but using them will allow you to animate any model into a format suitable for FPS Creator (and to modify the existing animation data).

Download: http://files2.thegamecreators.com/fpscreator/FPSC_CharacterStudio.zip — 1.3 MB

You can read our on-line guide to exporting animations.

Segment Editor
We have released the FPS Creator Segment Editor to the general public. This tool was developed for internal use, but it will speed up your own personal content creation so we've unleashed it. We have prepared a video tutorial on how to use the application which will be released in a few weeks. In the meantime, you'll have to just play around with it and/or ask on the forums.

Download: http://files2.thegamecreators.com/fpscreator/FPSCreator_SegmentKit.zip — 225 MB

The Game Creators
NVIDIA - The way it's meant to be played
Intel Software Partner

Dan Ocelott

Número de Mensagens : 634
Idade : 26
Data de inscrição : 07/08/2008

Ver perfil do usuário http://dmcworld.hightoxic.com

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